So it's been over a month now and still no job.  No paid job that is.  I'm still working at my unpaid internship.  Though the term "working" is used loosely.  My goal this week is to turn last weeks research into a bar chart.  FML.
I thought I had a bite last week, but turns out it was more of a nibble.  Of course there was someone else more qualified... who was also on swearing terms with the GM.  But, it's not WHAT we know, it's WHO we know.

So if anyone wants to be my "who I know", I'll give you 20 % of my first paycheck.  Seriously.  If you get me a job even loosely connected to the entertainment industry, you get 20 % of my first paycheck.  If the job is specifically related to casting or talent management, I'll up it to 50 % of that first paycheck.

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